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Receiving great reviews from my clients is my ultimate goal. I love the Analysis process itself but to see positive results, see their smiles, and feel their emotions is what is most important to me.



Hello, my name is Rosy, and I am a follower of Feng Shui. Due to an unexpected circumstance more than two years ago, my professional life gave a radical change not necessarily negative but also not very positive. After all this time and after exhausting all my known resources to return to my professional path, I decided to contact someone who would give me an answer to why I was still in that situation of "stagnation", so I met Annette Montañez-Desmond. After being in contact for a few days, she sent me the study of my Bazi and Feng Shui of my house.  I cannot explain in words the "shock" that the interpretation of my Bazi and of a specific situation that happened precisely two years ago (and I clarify only one date) and that she managed to interpret in an incredible way all the events that happened, almost in detail.  Today I thank you for putting Annette in my life, because I am sure that with the changes we are going to implement, things will improve quickly.  And of course I want to congratulate Paola, because it is clear that she has transmitted all her knowledge and wisdom in the best way;  I recommend Annette's work with the total conviction that whoever contacts her like me will find answers and the possibility of improving her life.

 -Rosario Ramirez, Costa Rica