A little about me

How I got into Chinese Metaphysics, Feng Shui & BaZi Natal Chart

Hello, my name is Annette Montañez, Feng Shui & BaZi Natal Chart Consultant, and  Real Estate Broker; welcome to AMM Feng Shui. Presently I am based in Florida, USA. Allow me to give you a brief description of how my own personal path has led me to the present.

Some years ago, as myself and my life were going through some rather unpleasant changes, I turned to Feng Shui in hopes of achieving some positive changes. Specifically speaking in my marriage, I had gone through separation, some back and forth, followed by a complete and final ending. After some time alone, I started to regain the desire to have a partner, at least someone nice to share moments with, but ultimately a loving life partner to begin a new forever relationship. In 2010 I searched online for a Feng Shui Consultant in my area and found a well known and respected Feng Shui Master. I searched her website and found that she would soon be present at a Natural Awakenings Magazine Health Exposition not far from where I lived. I attended the expo, met her personally, and convinced her to visit my home much sooner that her appointment schedule allowed for. Her analysis was very thorough. I did not have a reserve cash to make major renovations, only enough to buy small items, follow placement and color scheme suggestions. Knowing this, before the analysis, she made her suggestions accordingly. I followed her direction exactly as stated, amazingly enough, only three months later I magically met a nice man who I immediately felt a lasting desire to be with. A long love story made short, we were married less than two years later, and remain together ever since. 

After seeing amazing results with the initial analysis, I made further appointments for Yearly Updates to work on other very important aspects of my life such as safety and stability for my children, money luck, career advancement and optimum health, always seeing a positive result. Of course, there are ups and downs along the way, but in retrospect there has always been an incremental increase in positive results. Although sometimes the results seem magical, for the most part Feng Shui suggestions, if followed correctly and brought to completion, do certainly positively enhance one’s life. For the most part the process requires work, consistency, and a positive belief system on all of our parts to truly be effective. Currently, my analysis is done using the principles of Classical Feng Shui, working mainly with the Five Elements, eliminating the need for costly and ineffective figurines and amulets.

I have so many more personal stories to share, perhaps one day in person we will have that opportunity but for now suffice to say that my personal experiences with Feng Shui led me onto my path to be come a Feng Shui & Bazi Natal Chart  Consultant.

With Love,

Annette Montañez 

Feng Shui & BaZi Natal Chart Consultant




Master Paola Gómez

2019 Classical Feng Shui Certification Program completed with Master Paola Gómez


Master Lillian Too

2018 Successful completion of the Master Practitioner Course with Master Lillian Too


Dato’ Joey Yap

Continuing Education of BaZi, or Chinese Metaphysics, with world  renouned Master Joey Yap

Master Paola Gómez

2019 Carta Natal BaZi Certification Program completed with Master Paola Gómez


Joey Yap’s Advanced QiMen Academy 2019