Feng Shui Analysis Fact Sheet

It is my mission to share my personal experiences with Feng Shui in hopes of enriching your life as much as it has mine. Together, by identifying and implementing appropriate Feng Shui principles I shall perform a complete Feng Shui Analysis for your space and occupants. We will harness the Qi energy around us to create a good life, creating health, prosperity, love, comfort and success.

*I will now point out what is included in the Complete Feng Shui Analysis:

*Analysis of personal Best & Worst Directions with Gua Number Calculation.
*Personal Energizers which allows for enhancement of specific goals such as, Love, Money Luck, Health, Career Advancement and more.
*Space Enhancement, including Proper Placement of the 5 elements.

* Permanent & annual flying star remedies.

* Activate the Star of the front to create wealth and luck of money.

* Activate the Star of the back to attract luck in health and relationships.
*Recommendations for Period of 8 (2004-2024).
*Chinese Astrology BaZI.

*Yearly Annual Outlook by performing Updates. Yearly Updates are very important in terms of continuing harness the positive Qi Energy. With time sectors change therefore it is vital to make changes with time to avoid loss, accidents, illness and or bad luck.

Thank you for joining me.

I look forward to working with you in the very near future.

Let us all enjoy great good fortune through the period of 8!